Jadakiss Breaks Down Why Being 'Healthy Is Gangsta'

Jadakiss talks about why he thinks being "healthy is gangsta" while doing an extensive upper body workout with Lil Cease on Jada's show 'The Pull Up.'

Jadakiss has some of the greatest breath control in rap history, and it might be in part because he takes his health as seriously as he does his rhymes.

The LOX member talked about why he thinks staying healthy is important on the fifth episode of his Facebook Watch show The Pull Up with special guest Lil Cease. In between the two hip-hop veterans doing a pretty extensive upper body workout, they talked about normalizing the importance of physical fitness and why it’s “gangsta.”

“I think healthy is gangsta,” Kiss said at the 2:20 mark of the 16-minute episode when talking about how people tell him and fellow LOX artist Styles P that they made it cool to work out. “Everybody want to be tough guys and this and that, and rich. If you not healthy, you can’t be alive to spend your money. If you not healthy, you can’t enjoy the party, you can’t enjoy the perks of life, you won’t be here to see your kids graduate, to see ’em score they first touchdown, to see things like that. So health is more important than anything.”

Jadakiss’ attention to physical fitness has been well documented. One of the first examples that comes to mind is the impressive upper body strength he’s been able to showcase with ease.

Elsewhere in the Pull Up episode, Kiss and Cease talked about how working out helps keep their mental health strong, how they were inspired to stay healthy because they had to witness both of their mothers pass away from illness, and how loss, in general, impacted them.

You can watch the full episode of The Pull Up featuring Lil Cease at the top, and a highlight in the IG post above.

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