Flee Lord and Roc Marciano Link on New Joint Project 'Delgado' f/ Conway the Machine and Stove God Cooks

Flee Lord and Roc Marciano have teamed up on a new joint project titled 'Delgado.' The tape features Conway the Machine, Ransom, and Stove God Cooks.

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Flee Lord is never gone too long, coming off his last project from earlier this year, Rammellzee with DJ Muggs, to deliver his new 10-track offering, Delgado, which is fully produced by none other than Roc Marciano.

Along with the tape, Flee Lord and Marciano dropped a music video for their song “This What Ya Want?” The video finds the duo performing the track at their show at Sony Hall in New York City. Delgado is New York rap distilled in a bottle of Hennessy and left to age in the now-closed Tunnel nightclub. Roc Marciano sets up the perfect plays for Flee Lord to score on, and the two deliver a body of work that plays on the rapper’s skills.

Flee Lord talked about his approach to the different projects he makes, and how he tries to evolve on each one.

“With each new project I drop I feel that I am gaining the recognition I deserve and expanding my fan base. A lot of fans ask me what my most successful project is, but I honestly cannot answer that because I define success differently than most people” he explained. “For me, a ‘successful’ project is one that causes me to grow as an artist, as a writer, performer, and forces me to expand my skill set, to try new things, and to think outside the box. That’s why I can say Delgado is a success, even before fans hear it. Working with Roc required me to be singularly focused and tune out all the outside noise, and as a result I feel that my lyrics and delivery are sharper than they have ever been. With Delgado I’ve leveled up again and Roc proved once again that he is the GOAT!!”

Listen to Flee Lord and Roc Marciano’s new project Delgado featuring Conway the Machine, Stove God Cooks, and more down below.



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