Eminem Super Fan Sets Record for Most Tattoos of a Single Musician

35-year-old Nikki Patterson of Scotland has just set the Guinness World Record for most tattoos of a single musician with her latest Eminem ink.

Eminem attends the rag & bone X Eminem London Pop Up Opening

Image via Getty/David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Rag & Bone

Eminem attends the rag & bone X Eminem London Pop Up Opening

A nail technician in Scotland has claimed the Guinness World Record for the most tattoos of one artist as she got inked with her 15th and 16th portaits of Eminem, breaking the previous record of 15.

The BBC reports that Nikki Patterson of Aberdeen has 52 tattoos total, and among those 16 are of Eminem's face, body, or likeness. Metro notes she has gotten the portraits "in the past three years but has 28 in total inspired by him." They range from "song lyrics and references...to a portrait of Eminem with fellow D12 rapper Proof on her chest, to album covers, and even pictures of M&Ms."

When talking about why she has so many of Slim Shady, 35-year-old Patterson said the Detroit rapper has been "the one constant in my life," and that she has seen him perform several times. "I heard 'Stan' when I was 14 and had never heard anything like that before," Patterson said about how she got into Eminem. "It blew me away."

The first ink of Em that Patterson got appears to be a shading of his Recovery album cover, and then it just dominoes into different shots of his face, him performing, or other album covers.

The tats that sealed the world record were two small portraits of Shady on both of her index fingers. 

Metro's interview also reveals that Patterson and her husband have an 8-year-old son, and that "naming the dog after her favorite rapper was a consolation, as her husband wouldn’t let her name their son Marshall Mathers."

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