CyHi Says He Initially Thought People Who Shot at Him Were Trying to Race

After CyHi shared on Instagram that he was chased down the highway and shot at, he revealed that he initially thought the culprits were just trying to race him.

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After CyHi sharing his harrowing ordeal this past Valentine’s Day involving still-unidentified culprits chasing him down the highway in Atlanta while shooting at him, the rapper just revealed that he didn’t even realize the criminals were trying to kill him at first.

While talking with TMZ, CyHi said that he initially thought the car following him down the highway was only trying to race him.

“I was on the highway, and I thought they were trying to race me,” CyHi said. “So, you know, I guess when you’re in a fast car, people will pull up next to you. So I, you know, tried to just get to the next lane, they come over to the next lane. Tried to speed up a little bit and get out their way, they speed up and get next to me again.”

CyHi continued explaining how he started to realize the car was actually following him and tried doing different maneuvers to lose them, like smashing on his breaks. Still, the other car did the same, almost causing a pile-up. Eventually, CyHi tried even more evasive maneuvers like driving reverse up the highway, but he couldn’t lose them.

“So I tried to get to the right shoulder, and I put my car in reverse and started reversing back up the highway, and they made a U-turn on the highway and started driving towards me, so I’m like, ‘okay, this is serious.’”

CyHi said that once he got off at the next exit, the gunfire started. He shared the aftermath of the chase on Instagram on Valentine’s Day, thankfully alive to tell the tale after he explained that the culprits allegedly shot at his car even after he crashed.

CyHi closed his caption by saying that the Atlanta community needs to come together to stop the violence and that he was blessed to have come out of the incident alive.

“I don’t have all the answers and I definitely don’t have the power to make it stop, but i do feel like somebody gotta step up and say something,” CyHi wrote. “So much love to every artist, label, hustler, and crew in my city pleaseee lets resolve our problems man. We don’t have to kill each other man.”

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