Watch Cordae Tackle Kendrick Lamar's "The Heart Part 4" Beat With "FABEV Freestyle"

Cordae delivers a fiery freestyle with the Eiffel Tower as his backdrop as he prepares to release his sophomore album, 'From A Bird's Eye View.'

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Cordae is in album mode, and as the young spitter prepares to release his sophomore album, From A Bird’s Eye View, he’s back to remind listeners of his lyrical ability by dropping a freestyle over Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4” beat.

Calling it “FABEV Freestyle” and coming with a music video that matches the vibes of the track, Cordae opens rapping with the picturesque scenery of Paris in the background. He reflects on everything it took for him to reach the level of rap he’s at today, from being unsure if music was a viable career path to working with Mos Def in the studio. All the while, the one constant that Cordae comes back to is his unwavering conviction to get better. Yeah, he’s lounging and sipping a beverage at a cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower, but all the while he’s still cooking up bars in his head.

The scenes of the music video then shifts drastically with the beat, with Cordae now occupying a vacant nighttime parking lots and alleyways as he issues warning to any rapper in the game who thinks they can rhyme with him. Calling himself the best rapper under 25, Cordae spits with the same tenacity Kendrick did on the track’s second half, allowing the beat change to trigger a Hulk-like transformation within him.

“FABEV Freestyle” is ultimately the perfect prelude to usher in Cordae’s return with his sophomore album. 

From A Bird’s Eye View is due out next week on Jan. 14. Check out the music video for “FABEV Freestyle” up top and revisist Kendrick’s “Heart Part 4” below.

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