Baby Keem Connects With Travis Scott in Video for "Durag Activity"

Baby Keem links with Travis Scott on their new song "Durag Activity," which finds the two artists gliding over a smooth beat behind their patent adlibs.

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Baby Keem has been on a tear lately, releasing tracks that all feel like their building up to something. Keem continues that run here, connecting with Travis Scott to deliver their new song, “Durag Activity.”

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— baby keem (@babykeem) April 22, 2021

Paired with a gradient brown cover that matches the aesthetic of other songs he’s dropped this year and prior, Keem and Travis both take turns talking about things they describe to be “durag activity,” playing on the name of the song. Distorted piano chords are laid behind their bars, creating a smooth sound that can be heard on other Keem songs.

Keem also shared the music video for the track. Check out the visuals, which were directed by Eliel Ford, up top.

Before dropping the track, Keem started his 2021 by sharing  “No Sense” at the beginning of March.“Don’t be showin out when you with your mans, dawg/ Please don’t let me catch him on my ends, dawg/ It’s a thousand ways to misunderstand, dawg/ It’s a thousand ways that we can make amends, dawg,” Keem raps on “No Sense” as he warns his former-love not to try and show off around him.

Baby Keem has a lot of noise around him, but his moves are largely silent. The most you’ll hear from the rapper will usually be on Twitter, where he’ll remain mysterious but also give fans a glimpse behind the curtain of what he has going on or what they should be excited about.

all summer

— baby keem (@babykeem) April 28, 2021


— baby keem (@babykeem) April 11, 2021

Listen to Baby Keem’s new song “Durag Activity” featuring Travis Scott down below.


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