Baauer Releases 'PLANET'S MAD' Visual Album

Watch Baauer's latest visual album 'PLANET'S MAD' which takes its viewer across the galaxy and back in a 40-minute cinematic experience.

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The platinum selling artist Baauer has just unleashed his sophomore visual album PLANET'S MAD. The cosmic cinematic experience has a 40-minute run time and is directed by Baauer himself along with aid from Rick Farin, Clair Cochran, and Nick Vernet of Actual Objects.

With the visuals appropriately matching the name of the album, PLANET'S MAD enigmatically jumps from intergalactic to street side, back to intergalactic as the music becomes more hectic as we transition to a new location. Starting in some far-off cosmic space, we land back on Earth and fly through subways, picnics, and jungles—run into Tim & Eric co-creator Eric Wareheim—to only be hurdled back into space as the galaxy becomes a gigantic rave ballroom. It then concludes in perfect Bauuer fashion, right back in an apartment room like nothing even happened.

It has been 4 years since the release of Baauer's debut project Aa, and the artist has come a long since his mega-hit "Harlem Shake" days. Prior to the release of this full visual album, Baauer also released music videos for the title track "PLANET'S MAD" as well as the song "REACHUPDONTSTOP." He also released a very blockbuster-esq trailer and movie cover on his Instagram for the visual album before it dropped.

You can listen and watch the visual album for PLANET'S MAD up top or stream the project below via Spotify.

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