50 Cent Responds to Irv Gotti Claiming He Blocked Him From Various Record Deals

50 Cent responded to Irv Gotti who said that he used to block labels from reaching out to him at the beginning of his career because of their beef.

irv gotti

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irv gotti

50 Cent has just responded to Irv Gotti after Gotti said that he blocked several record deals from reaching 50 by blackballing him early in his career which eventually lead him to signing with Dr. Dre and Eminem's label.

50 reposted the interview Gotti was having with Hot 107.9's B High when he said the comments to respond. "Now everybody knows why i act the way i act," 50 wrote in the caption for the post. "These sucka ass ni66a’s be out here working against you, instead of working on their own shit. 👀now look at them, all fucked up. 🤨B!tch ass ni66as #STARZPLAY get the app."

The conversation arose because B High asked Gotti what advice would he give his younger self, and one of the things was that he'd let 50 sign to Atlantic instead of blocking him. In the clip, Gotti said he recognized the influence he had at the time, and that if he said he didn't mess with 50 then that would be enough to immediately steer labels the other direction.

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Irv mirrored these same sentiments in 2019 as well when talking with Marc Lamont Hill on the Black Coffee show. Then, Irv said literally the same exact thing, talking about how when people would call him asking about 50 he would say, "if you're fucking with him, you're not fucking with me."

All of this just adds a new page to the storied beef between the two artists. 

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