The Best New Music This Week: Latto, Nas, 21 Savage Metro Boomin, and More

Complex's best new music this week includes songs from Latto and GloRilla, Metro Boomin', 21 Savage, Nas, 2KBaby, Babyface Ray, and many more.

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We’re almost at the end of 2022. But before you get out your new calendars, we still have a few more new music releases to get through. This week, Latto and GloRilla teamed up for their rambunctious single “FTCU.” Nas and 21 Savage joined forces for their soulful collaboration, “One Mic One Gun.” And Metro Boomin’ tapped the Weeknd and 21 Savage to recreate a classic 2000s hit. This week’s list also includes new music from ASAP Rocky, 2KBABY, and Babyface Ray. 

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Latto f/ GloRilla & Gangsta Boo, “FTCU” 

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Latto and GloRilla united on “FTCU,” a rambunctious track that stands for “fuck the club up.” On the track, Latto comes out the gate running as she raps over a D.A.Got That Dope beat. While there are moments on the track in which Latto flexes her wealth and designer possessions, she primarily raps about dragging her opponents and haters in the club. “Muggin’ like they want some smoke, but they ain’t deep enough/Young, ratchet, rich, and I’m rude as fuck, these bitches know what’s up,” she spits. Big Glo is the perfect collaborator for the track as she raps about “popping off on bitches” with her husky Memphis vocals. And Gangsta Boo’s rowdy adlibs is the cherry on top of this fun song.

Nas f/ 21 Savage, “One Mic One Gun” 

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Nas and 21 Savage make an unlikely pair on their new track. “One Mic One Gun” is a soulful Hit-Boy-produced record that samples The Gaturs’ 1972 single “Yeah, Your Right.” 21 Savage floats over the retro sample with monotone vocals as he raps about legacy. “When you turn to legend, no such thing as relevance/They must’ve forgot that I’m a new rapper that got integrity,” 21 spits. The lyrics were in reference to comments he made about Nas not being relevant in rap today. Nas comes on the track with a lot of energy as he raps, “I opened a lane for my era, I’m GOAT-ed, they gavе me the crown/GOAT with all the succеss, the negative press, I’m watchin’ it pile (Uh)/ They sayin’ that Black music dyin’, I’m sayin’ they wipin’ us out.” “One Mic One Gun” is a solid track that shows two generations of rappers coming together. 

Metro Boomin’ f/ the Weeknd & 21 Savage, “Creepin’” 

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“Creepin’” is a haunting song that finds Metro Boomin’ uniting with the Weeknd and 21 Savage. On the track, the Weeknd singing the exact lines from Mario Winans 2004 hit “I Don’t Wanna Know.” 21 Savage comes on the track with an original verse, rapping, “How you go from housewife to a sneaky link?/Got you riding ‘round in all type of Benzes and Rovers/Girl, you used to ride in the rinky dink.” “Creepin’” puts a cool spin on an old record. The track appears on Metro Boomin’s latest album, Heroes & Villains

ASAP Rocky, “Shittin’ Me” 

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ASAP Rocky is back with “Shittin’ Me,” a Kelvin Krash-produced track that finds the Harlem rapper dancing over an experimental and low-key beat. On the track, Rocky raps about riding through the city and pulling girls. He also brags about his good looks and fashion sense, spitting, Shittin’ me?/Gotta be kiddin’ me/Sit and they look at me/Just look at the drip on me/Shittin’ me?” “Shittin’ Me” is a fun record that appears on the soundtrack of the November 2022 video game “Need for Speed Unbound.” 

2KBABY, “Stand Love”

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2KBABY is back. “Stand Love” is a melodic and sentimental record that finds 2KBABY flexing his vocals as he reminisces about an old love. Though he’s trying to move on, he realizes that he’s still not quite over the love he once shared. The track is less than two minutes long, but is still a smooth record to listen to if you’re trying to get over heartbreak. 

Babyface Ray, “Crazy World” 

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“Crazy World” is a low-key and late-night record that finds Babyface Ray questioning the people in his circle and around him. “I can feel you ain’t with me for real/You gon’ try to play me crazy if I don’t know the business for real,” he spits. Elsewhere on the track, the Detroit rapper offers thoughtful bars about what he’s observed in the world lately. “Crazy World” is a bar-heavy track that features only one lengthy verse, but Babyface Ray’s cool delivery still makes this a smooth song to listen to.  The track appears on Babyface Ray’s new project, MOB

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