Fredo Santana Threatens Migos for Fighting GBE Member Capo in Chicago

The beef between the Atlanta Trio and Chicago's has escalated.

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It's not quite clear what exactly went down in a Chicago restaurant last night, but we do know this: the beef between Migos and GBE has escalated.

Apparently Migos got in a fight with GBE member Capo. The only footage from the incident appears to be from after the fact, so we haven't seen how the altercation started, who threw punches, etc. 



Caught @elcappgguod slipping lastnight in his city 😭😂

Une vidéo publiée par ✈Young TakeOff💯 (@yrntakeoff) on Nov. 11, 2014 at 12:04 PST

Today the beef carried over to Twitter, where Migos and Capo dissed each other and Fredo Santana eventually stepped in to threaten the Atlanta trio. Below you can read the entire exchange. 

We'll have more as this develops. 



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