Drake Tells Diddy Being Quarantined Has Helped Him Focus on New Album

Drake joined Diddy on IG Live and teased his upcoming album.


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Late Sunday, Drake  joined bevy of stars, when he made an appearance on Diddy's very celebrity-dense Instagram dance-a-thon fundraiser. And it was during that appearance that he talked about the work he's putting in on his next album, which came after Diddy urged him to "tell us about what you're working on in the studio." 

"I'm working on the album, I've been working on it for a while now," Drake responded, adding that the quarantine has helped him focus on his work. "Another silver lining [to lockdown] is, when God does get you to sit down, I remember the last time I had to sit down was when I tore my ACL. And I made a great album out of that. Obviously God has us all inside the house right now sitting down, so the amount of focus I'm able to put into this album is probably way different than it would've been if I had to go through the residency in Vegas and be able to go meet up with Justin in Miami or whatever."

He then upped the ante in terms of hype for his next project. "Saying all that to say that, definitely, this is the most excited I've been about an album in a long time," he said. "A lot of little stuff has been trickling out but all the stuff on the album is fresh, it's brand new. I'm excited. This is probably the most music I've ever been sitting on. I'm hyped." 

While no super-specific info can be extracted from that, obviously, but it sounds like something that will definitely pay off down the road. 

The appearance also featured the duo chopping it up about the current situation we find ourselves in.

Diddy also put Drake in his personal top five. Quite the honor:

And because it makes perfect sense all things considered, Drake and the Combs family did the Toosie Slide together.

It was another tough week, so it's nice to end it on a high note. 

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