Chance the Rapper Shares Story About Kanye Trying to Disappear Onstage

Chance the Rapper shared a story about Kanye West teaming up with a magician and a movie producer to try and figure out a way to disappear onstage.

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On Tuesday afternoon, Teen Vogue published a piece where Jordan Peele interviewed Chance the Rapper. If that sounds like something that might interest you, you can read the whole thing right here. And, in this discussion, which included much talk about Get Out and the approach each man takes to his craft, was a bizarre anecdote about how Kanye West tried to collaborate with a crew of people, including a movie producer and a magician, to see if he could make himself disappear during a performance onstage.

The story, which included other nuggets on West's creative process, came from Chance (duh) after Peele asked him what it was like to collaborate with Kanye:

JP: What is it like to work with Kanye?

Seems like something that snitch-ass magician might have ratted out to primetime audiences in the ’90s. Anyway, as we said above, head on over to Teen Vogue's site and give it a read.

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