Surviving the Sling Shot with Pia Mia

We sent one of our writers up in Coney Island's most dangerous ride with a rising pop star.

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Summer weather has finally come to New York and all the hallmarks that come with enjoying it, namely, trips to the beach and amusement parks. We're all in a mad rush to enjoy it before we blink and mid-September chill sets in. Maybe that's why the overlords here at Complex decided to send me to Coney Island to ride their most dangerous attraction even though they know I'm deathly afraid of anything resembling a rollercoaster. We're talking about the Sling Shot, of course...the same ride that even made DMX, of all people, freak out.

Thankfully, they sent me with a guest because no one wants to watch me scream alone. I was joined by Pia Mia, gorgeous pop star on the rise. You probably know her as the girl singing a cover of "Hold On, We're Going Home" for a very long dinner table that included all the Kardashian-Jenners, Kanye, and Drake himself. And, more recently, her own songs like "Fuck With You" or the bubbling banger "Do It Again" with Chris Brown and Tyga. Pia was equally terrified—when I asked her which was more nerve-wracking, singing Drake's own songs for him or preparing for this, she said this x100—but committed to take the ride with me.

Unfortunately, the ace team at Coney Isle waited for us to get down there before revealing that the go-pro attached to the ride had been malfunctioning for days. Since Pia and I are both super busy creating fire music and content respectively, we did it anyway but you will not get to see her cry her eyelashes off or me absolutely panicking up close. Shout out to trusty cameraman Andrew for getting dope shots anyway. Peep the video above to see a writer and a pop star lose all semblance of cool over a 90-second ride.

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