Kim Kardashian just had what she has termed "." Sharing a scene of the dinner using Keek, we can hear the powerful vocals of Pia Mia Perez entertaining the family. Perez is friends with Kylie Jenner, who just celebrated her Sweet Sixteen with a bang. The camera then pans left to show Kanye West looking on admiringly at the performance, and then it pans to the right where Drake happens to be sitting, grooving along to the breathtaking acapella.

A couple of weeks after Drake and Kanye appeared together at OVO Fest, the two are now sharing a meal together. And to think, the two were believed to be subliminally dissing each other for years.

Meanwhile, for those interested in hearing more music from Pia Mia, check out her YouTube page for her covers of Rihanna, Frank Ocean, and more.

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