The Best Part of the 2015 VMAs Is Watching Kanye West's Reactions

It's just getting better and better.

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Kanye West reaction memes are the highlight of the 2015 MTV VMAs. Like when he reacted to Macklemore'sGlee cutscene MTV VMAs performance barely 20 minutes into the show. This show might not be a complete waste after all. Or, more accurately, the audience cam is lowkey way more lit than the actual show itself.

And here's Yeezus dancing to The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face." This is why Ye needs to be front row at any and every award show. 

Happy Kanye, Sad Kanye.

Here's Ye going through a full span of emotions in five seconds.

At this point, he's basically just gooning for the audience cam at this point, like during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech:

Kanye faked going up on stage after Taylor Swift won lmaooo

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