Watch the Video for Griselda's "Cruiser Weight Coke"

'WWCD' capped off an incredible year for Griselda.

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Griselda continues to ride the success of their major-label debut album, WWCD, by releasing a video for the project's latest single, "Cruiser Weight Coke."

When Westside Gunn, Benny The Butcher, and Conway The Machine come together, they form the supergroup, Griselda. Westside Gunn has been credited as the vision behind this Buffalo-based trio. The video for "Cruiser Weight Coke" touches on this by having interludes where Gunn explains the meaning behind the album's name and the different aspects of Griselda. 

This visual also matches the gritty sound of "Cruiser Weight Coke." Westside Gunn, Benny, and Conway rarely share the screen together. They rap at different locations in Buffalo, spitting a flurry of drug-laced lyrics. There is no shortage of firearms and the scenes are accented by grainy footage of crime/life in Buffalo. It also continues the theme of black and white treatments which is present on the album cover and WWCD's first video, "Dr. Birds."

WWCD capped off an incredible year for Griselda. Not only was this their first project on Shady Records, but it proved that their sound could transcend the underground rap scene. In fact, it was announced that Benny The Butcher will be opening for Russ during the first leg of his Shake The Globe tour.


— BENNY THE BUTCHER (@BennyBsf) February 5, 2020

WWCD is an acronym that stands for "What Would Chinegun Do." MachineGun Black is considered the "fallen member" of Griselda and was the first cousin of Westside Gunn and Benny The Butcher's brother. MachineGun Black was murdered while the group was still in its infancy. They've all dedicated lyrics and songs to Black prior to paying homage with this album.

Watch the video for "Cruiser Weight Coke" above. 

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