6ix9ine's $200,000 Donation to No Kid Hungry Declined

Tekashi 6ix9ine tried to donate $200,000 to No Kid Hungry, but the organization chose to not accept his funds.

Tekashi 6ix9ine attends Made In America   Day 2

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Tekashi 6ix9ine attends Made In America   Day 2

6ix9ine is in some undisclosed location running up a bag. 

6ix9ine personified Rowdy Rebel's "Computers" when he took to Instagram Live to welcome challengers and gloat about his return from prison. This was accompanied by the release of his new song, "GOOBA," as well as the launch of the accompanying merch line. Although it's evident from his life's journey that the rapper isn't who he appears to be, this facade still pays handsomely as he reportedly made around $2 million from the single and merch in less than a week.

Yet, it appears like his time behind bars might have sparked a bit of empathy. Per TMZ, the rapper decided to give $200,000 of this $2 million to an organization called No Kid Hungry. According to the website, "ending childhood hunger" is the organization's primary focus. It does this by helping families who are struggling to feed their children—something that has increased since the pandemic has forced kids out of school and put parents out of work. 

"During this pandemic I understand we have nurses and frontline Hero’s who risk there life daily to save others. But NEVER forget the children & families who depend on OUR PUBLIC schools for daily meals and nutritions to keep our future leaders growing to their best potential," 6ix9ine wrote in an Instagram post. "To every influencer out there REMEMBER if you are blessed GOD gave you that blessing not just for YOU but also TO HELP OTHERS 🙌🏼 GOD FIRST."

But, it looks like No Kid Hungry is operating on the philosophy of "all money is not good money." When reached for comment, No Kid Hungry's director of strategic communications Laura Washburn told Complex that it would be declining 6ix9ine's donation. 

"We are grateful for Mr. Hernandez’s generous offer to donate to No Kid Hungry but we have informed his representatives that we have declined this donation," Washburn said. "As a child-focused campaign, it is our policy to decline funding from donors whose activities do not align with our mission and values." 

6ix9ine responded on his IG, writing, "@nokidhungry rather take food out the mouth of these innocent children I never seen something so cruel."

On Akadmiks' page, 6ix9ine commented with, "They rather have the kids starve ... the world we live in."

6ix9ine fans have also gone on No Kid Hungry's IG page and commenting with "L" for declining the donation.

This is a photo of No Kid Hungry


Despite being turned away because of his antics, 6ix9ine hasn't changed his ways. 6ix9ine basks in the fact he cooperated with authorities by making the New York Police Department the only account he follows on Instagram. 

He also continues to troll Rich the Kid. The two have been going back-and-forth on social media about jewelry and cars, leading 6ix9ine to claim that he's going to donate to Rich's "jewelry dept next." 

6ix9ine comments on Akademiks Instagram post.

Although No Kid Hungry has declined 6ix9ine's donation, Kooking 4 Kids, a nonprofit in Los Angeles, has said they'd gladly accept the money. "If there is an individual that wants to help address hunger in Los Angeles, we welcome it. How that person wants to live their life is for them to decide," Keith Johnson, Executive Director of Kooking 4 Kids, told TMZ.

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