'One World: Together At Home' Raised Nearly $128 Million Toward Coronavirus Relief

The broadcast featured appearances from former first lady Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Beyoncé.

A person watches live streaming of One World Together At Home

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A person watches live streaming of One World Together At Home

One World: Together At Home was able to generate a massive amount of money to support healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

$127.9 million for COVID-19 relief.

That is the power and impact of One World: #TogetherAtHome.

Thank you @ladygaga for helping @GlblCtzn create this historic global broadcasting event.

To everyone around the world: Stay strong, stay safe, we will be together in person soon. pic.twitter.com/QudE6j7reF

— Global Citizen ⭕ (@GlblCtzn) April 19, 2020

On Sunday, Global Citizen revealed that the event brought in over $127 million in commitments. These donations will go to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and UNICEF. There are also over 100 local and regional charities that will receive a portion of the donations—including Education Cannot Wait, Direct Care, Feeding America, United Way, and others. This money will be used to supplement the work of healthcare workers, and put toward developing a vaccine. 

Those moves tho 👀 Thanks for teaching us the "Safety Dance," @theroots! Take the pledge to stay home (and practice your footwork!) here: https://t.co/26xVXSb0qy #TogetherAtHome pic.twitter.com/iHb7qZHGRy

— Global Citizen ⭕ (@GlblCtzn) April 19, 2020

The broadcast was hosted by late-night staples Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert, along with the stars of Sesame Street. It aired on NBC networks, ABC, ViacomCBS Networks, The CW, and iHeartMedia on Saturday. Lady Gaga curated the event, which featured appearances from former first lady Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Beyoncé.

.@LadyGaga, @CelineDion, @AndreaBocelli, @Lang_Lang, and @JohnLegend's incredible One World: #TogetherAtHome final performance will leave you speechless. Join us as we all unite as a global community against COVID-19: https://t.co/26xVXSb0qy pic.twitter.com/AfC2b6u8ZK

— Global Citizen ⭕ (@GlblCtzn) April 19, 2020

"This virus is killing black people in alarming rates here in America," Beyoncé saidafter praising healthcare workers, calling them "true heroes."

"Please protect yourself, we are one family," she continued. "Please be patient – pray for our heroes."

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the lives of many people around the world. But with the power of collective action, we know change gon’ come. Watch @Lizzo's soulful performance and take action now: https://t.co/26xVXSb0qy. #TogetherAtHome pic.twitter.com/2nSeSAPYCI

— Global Citizen ⭕ (@GlblCtzn) April 19, 2020

There were also performances from the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Elton John, and more. 

🤘 If you start us up, we’ll never stop fighting for global health. Take action with The @RollingStones: https://t.co/26xVXSb0qy #TogetherAtHome pic.twitter.com/Dpze2tNyCW

— Global Citizen ⭕ (@GlblCtzn) April 19, 2020

Thanks for posting this, I missed the great Stevie Wonder at the beginning of tonight’s #GlobalCitizen show.

Stay strong everyone 🙏🏽. #weneedeachotherpic.twitter.com/bt1ZMfcdTU

— exhoopsprguy (@exhoopsPRguy) April 19, 2020

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