Marlon Craft Shares New Album 'How We Intended'

Hell’s Kitchen native Marlon Craft's 'How We Intended​​​​​​​​​​​​​​' is here, featuring fan-favorite singles like “Hoodie Weather" and “State of the Union."

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Marlon Craft makes his return with the release of his sophomore album How We Intended. 

The record features fan-favorite singles like “Hoodie Weather,” “State of the Union,” “Get Off My Yard,” and others. Craft created the project with the help of several producers including Plain Pat, !llmind, and 6ix. This helped Craft perfect the nostalgic sound needed to complement his heavily lyrical content. 

The Hell’s Kitchen native burst on the scene in 2019 with his debut album Funhouse Mirror. This project was followed by the 2020 EP Work From Home, which helped build his core fanbase. Marlon Craft has since left Sony’s Same Plate Entertainment to become an indie artist, using his subscription service the Center to feed his fans with material. 

How We Intended was accompanied by the release of his new video “2020 INTRO.” Watch the visual above and stream Craft’s How We Intended below.

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