Watch the LVRN Roster Rip Through Spotify's RapCaviar Cypher

LVRN and associated artists OMB Bloodbath, BRS Kash, NoonieVsEverybody, Westside Boogie, and 6lack released their RapCaviar Cypher on Wednesday.

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LVRN takes Black-owned businesses to the next level with their takeover of Spotify’s RapCaviar. 

The Atlanta-based label and creative community Love Renaissance (LVRN) and its associated artists OMB Bloodbath, BRS Kash, NoonieVsEverybody, Westside Boogie, and 6lack released their RapCaviar Cypher on Wednesday.

Instead of standing in a circle on a street corner taking turns spitting bars, LVRN decided to invade a bank, turning it into an equal opportunity lender and employer. But the circular concept of a cypher wasn’t totally abandoned—when OMB Bloodbath kicked off the cypher, he stood on top of the reception desk, letting the camera orbit around him while he twisted through his lyrics. 

The collective rapped over a beat created by their in-house producer Kitty Cash, who was also on hand in the bank spinning records. Houston’s Bloodbath was followed by Cleveland, Ohio’s NoonieVsEverybody and Atlanta’s BRS Kash. The cypher was capped off by the label’s most notable names, Compton’s Westside Boogie and Grammy-nominated singer/rapper 6lack. LVRN co-founder and head of A&R Justice Baiden also serves as a sort of easter egg, appearing in nearly every shot. 

“LVRN’s collaboration with RapCaviar happened very organically and highlights the versatile talent on our roster,” Baiden said. “The seamless blend and dynamic when you hear our artists together is unlike any other. I feel like that comradery is missing in hip-hop today and we have some of the best rappers to showcase that.”

Fans can watch Love Renaissance’s RapCaviar cypher on YouTube up top and stream the moment as a Spotify Single:

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