Lil Wayne Says He Goes to the Studio By Himself Now: 'I Don’t Like N***as to Be Around My Sh*t'

For a recent installment of 'Rolling Stone's "Musicians on Musicians" series, Lil Wayne and Lil Baby used their gift of gab to bridge a generational gap.

Lil Wayne performs during the 2020 BET Awards

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Lil Wayne performs during the 2020 BET Awards

Generational titans collided for an intriguing conversation when Lil Baby interviewed the GOAT. 

For a recent installment of Rolling Stone's "Musicians on Musicians" seriesLil Wayne and Lil Baby used their gift of gab to bridge a gap. Through their conversation, they found a connection over their workaholic antics. This moved Lil Baby to ask Weezy how he's able to narrow down his collection of songs into an album. 

"[Mack Mane], plain and simple," Wayne said, explaining how he delegates the task. "I just throw them all out down on the table and let him pull his hair out, even though he’s got no hair. I just gave him, like, 90 songs when all he actually needed was two. [Laughs.] He just lets me know what he picked. I mean, that right there comes from just having confidence in every single thing I do. And thinking every single song I do is worthy of being the Number One song in the damn country, so therefore I never get pissed about none of the songs he didn’t pick. The ones he didn’t pick, those are the best ones, too. [I] put them on mixtapes."

Lil Baby describes a similar process. He tells Wayne that his friends serve as the A&R when he's crafting projects. Whenever they tell him to replay a song, that's when he knows it's worth keeping and perfecting. Wayne reminisces about the times when he used to have packed studio sessions, but now he keep things more simple and orderly. 

"I remember those days. Now I go into the studio by myself. I don’t like niggas to be around my shit. I don’t got nobody to pop their head, tell me it’s fire or something. I just go off. Other than that is just feeling, man," Lil Wayne said before revealing that he and Baby are bringing their two work methods. "I start making some shit up in my head. I can give y’all an exclusive that me and Baby got one together on No Ceilings 3."

Though exciting, this collaboration doesn't come as a surprise. The pair have worked together in the past and Lil Wayne has gone on record claiming that Lil Baby is his favorite current rapper

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