Kehlani Sends Support to Women Accusing Actor Kaalan Walker of Sexual Assault

Kehlani has come forward in support of the women who claimed to have been victimized by rapper, actor, and photographer, Kaalan "KR" Walker.

Kehlani attends Universal Music Group Hosts 2020 Grammy After Party

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Kehlani attends Universal Music Group Hosts 2020 Grammy After Party

Kehlani has come forward in support of the women who pressed sexual assault claims against rapper, actor and photographer, Kaalan Walker. 

In a series of tweets and retweets, the singer shared awareness about Walker’s alleged actions. 


— LORD FLACKO JODYE II (@asvpxrocky) March 6, 2021

“i apologize in advance if everything i’m going to be retweeting involves rape & assault, i am standing with the victims of a serial RAPIST who i knew personally to be aggressive, dangerous & twisted. he was released on bail & is back shooting photography of people,” Kehlani tweeted after giving her fans a trigger warning. “refer to all my retweets for all of the details on his case, stories from his victims, directly from their mouths. resources on how to support them/fight for them.”

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She additionally retweeted the accounts from some of Walker’s alleged victims, including the singer, Jean Deaux, who claimed Walker took advantage of her while she was intoxicated. 

The 23-year-old Superfly actor was arrested in Sept. 2018 after several women accused him of sexual assault and rape dating back to April 2016. On Friday, he was released on a $1 million bail and immediately took to social media. In a post, he alluded to ASAP Rocky being the celebrity friend that helped “save his life.” 

Rocky quickly fired back by claiming that he doesn’t know Walker and doesn’t want to be associated with his alleged crimes.

“HUH?? IDK THAT CLOWN AND I AINT BAIL OUT SHIT.” Rocky said in a tweet, which Kehlani retweeted. “STOP PLAYIN WIT ME” Kehlani further clarified that it was actually a famous woman—not Rocky—who got Walker out of the Los Angeles County Jail. 

Walker caught wind of Kehlani’s crusade against him as well. In an IG Stories post, he claims to have given the singer shelter when she was homeless and was offended by her claims given their personal relationship. 

However, according to Instagram DM screenshots posted by Walker, Kehlani appears to respond in his direct messages to call him a pathological liar. The messages also show her mentioning a prior situation where Walker assaulted her friend in the spare room of her house as well as her warning to him not to threaten her. 


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