GoldLink Drops New Single "Best Rapper in the F*ckin World"

GoldLink returned on Thursday with the release of his latest track, "Best Rapper in the F*ckin World."

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GoldLink returned on Thursday with the release of his latest Kaytranada-produced track, "Best Rapper in the Fuckin World." 

GoldLink is known for his unorthodox approach to making music. Yet, he took things to the next level when he decided to release a muffled song that resembles the unfinished skeleton of a record as a single. Although this could throw fans off, if they listen closely they'll get a chance to hear the rapper address some controversy. 

"About my man Mac, yeah he gone," GoldLink rapped. "And he did what he did/And we're young, damn near kids/And it's cool, and we're cool/And I got love and he love me too/So I give no fuck, what the fuck a nigga care to fucking do."

GoldLink faced a wave of backlash when he decided to eulogize Mac Miller by claiming the rapper stole one of his concepts to create the song "Dang!" from Mac's Divine Feminine. This track featured Mac Miller's good friend Anderson .Paak who—like others—thought GoldLink's accusations were disrespectful. Despite the backlash, GoldLink has not shied away from his statements. 

The track is GoldLink's first release since dropping his 2019 debut studio album Diaspora.

Listen to GoldLink's new single, "Best Rapper in the Fuckin World," by watching its Joe Perez-directed visualizer above or below via Spotify. 

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