Dr. Dre's Father Claims Son Doesn't 'Give a Damn' About Him: 'We Have No Relationship'

In a new interview, Dr. Dre's father spoke openly about his estranged relationship with his son, saying that they haven't spoken in some time.

Dr. Dre attends a ceremony honoring Snoop Dogg With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Dr. Dre attends a ceremony honoring Snoop Dogg With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

It's been a tumultuous year for Dr. Dre, after a very public divorce and a health scare had him making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Now it seems that the rapper-turned-mogul might have a new fire to put out, after his father, Theodore Young, gave a tell-all interview to Page Six.

In the piece, which is billed as a look "inside the world of Dr. Dre," Young claims that he and his very famous son have virtually no relationship at all.  

"I haven’t seen Andre since his grandfather died and I can’t even remember when that was," the 73-year-old said, adding that Dre's success is at least partially to blame for their strained relationship.

"We have no relationship. My other sons love me. They tell me they love me," he explained. "But coming from where I come from, most young men like Andre who have a big success don’t give a damn about their dad."

In Dr. Dre's defense, it appears as though he and his father didn't have much of a relationship before fame became a factor. Young admits that he and Dre's mother, Verna, split shortly after Dre was born. Verna has also gone on record accusing Young of abuse (accusations that he denied). Young also confesses that he wasn't exactly a pillar of love and support during Dre's childhood. 

"His grandmother raised him," Young said, before alleging that Dre's mother and grandmother "sprinkled a whole lot of salt" on him. 

As Dr. Dre's divorce from his estranged wife Nicole Youngcontinues to play out in public, several narratives are being painted about him. His oldest daughter, LaTanya Young, revealed that she hasn't spoken to her father in 17 years and that Dre has never met his grandchildren. Young has also claimed that she was abused by Dre, allegations that he denied. 

"She is throwing the father of her children under the bus," a source close to Dre told Page Six said of Young's allegations. "It broke his heart." Sources added that Dre is trying hard not to be seen as "misogynistic or abusive in his divorce." 

Dre is recovering after suffering a brain aneurysm earlier this month.

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