Charlamagne Tha God Apologizes to Kwame Brown for 'Unintentionally' Causing Trauma

On Monday, Charlamagne Tha God decided to give his infamous "Donkey of the Day" award to himself for mentioning creating pain for Brown's family.

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Charlamagne Tha God’s beef with Kwame Brown has hit its post-“Supa Ugly” phase and Charlamagne is playing the role of Jay-Z. 

On Monday, Charlamagne Tha God decided to give his infamous “Donkey of the Day” award to himself. The Breakfast Club co-host explained that he went too far when touching on the fellow South Carolina native’s personal life and was urged by mutual associates to publicly apologize to Brown.

“I’m sure I caused pain for not only Kwame Brown but for his family—‘specially, his family in my hometown of Moncks Corner, South Carolina. You know how I know? Because I spoke to a few of them,” he said around the clip’s 1:30 minute mark. “I was apologizing for triggering them.”

Kwame Brown’s resurgence in the sports world was sparked by his retort to Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, and Matt Barnes. Although the conversation took place on a podcast associated with Charlamagne’s Black Effect podcast network, the radio personality decided to come to Brown’s defense. In the process, he aired out Brown’s family business as a reason to leave the former No. 1 pick alone.

Charlamagne explained that Brown’s father is serving life for allegedly beating his girlfriend with an axe handle and burying her alive. He also said that the former NBA player’s brother shot the mother of his child multiple times then tried to kill himself as well as claiming that another one of Brown’s brothers is in jail for murder.

“I’m saying all that to say, leave Kwame alone. That man has been quiet for twenty years, he don’t bother nobody,” Charlamagne said. “Clearly all that ‘he’s a bust up’ gets to him. You don’t know what people are going through or have been through.”

As expected, Charlamagne’s comments didn’t go over well with Kwame. He responded by digging deep into The Breakfast Club’s host’s scandals which included Charlamgne’s sexual misconduct charges.

Although Charlamagne allegedly sent Brown a cease and desist letter for not factually talking about his misconduct case, he did find it appropriate to apologize to Brown for his remarks about his family because he wasn’t trying to cause him pain. 

“Since I unintentionally caused trauma, I need to be intentional about causing healing,” Charlamagne said.

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