Charlamagne Tha God Responds to Nicki Minaj Claiming He Led a 'Hate Train' Against Her

Charlamagne Tha God defends himself against Nicki Minaj's comments on her last episode of 'Queen Radio.'

Charlamagne tha God speaks onstage Beautycon Festival

Image via Getty/John Sciulli/Beautycon

Charlamagne tha God speaks onstage Beautycon Festival

Nicki Minaj is one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop. Yet instead of letting the public speculate her intentions while she watches from the distance, Minaj has decided to go on the offensive against trolls and critics. This led to Minaj throwing a few stray shots at Charlamagne Tha God who took to the airwaves to defend himself. 

During The Breakfast Club's Rumor Report segment, Charlamagne claims that the notion he "hates" on Nicki is driven by his attempt to be an objective journalist. Charlamagne started off by saying he loves Nicki, but admits that things started to go left when he gave his honest—but not flattering—opinion on her hit single "Anaconda." Despite this, he feels that Nicki helped bring in a new era of women rappers and he respects her for that.

"I've gotten on this radio and said a million times that this whole new wave of female rap is because of Nicki Minaj," Charlamagne said.

Charlamagne's comments come after Nicki invited the hosts of TheJoe Budden Podcast to her Queen Radio show just to check Joe for calling her a "liar." In the midst of their conversation, Minaj claimed that Charlamagne started the "hate train" against her. Yet, The Breakfast Club host feels that his praise for Nicki is twisted by some of her fans to further the narrative that he doesn't like her. So after showing respect to Minaj, he challenged the Barbz to start projecting the positive things people say about her.

"Nicki, we love you," he continued. "And I'mma tell you something, them damn Barbz... The Barbz will never relay the positive energy we be sending Nicki Minaj... So I challenge the Barbz to hit Nicki and say 'Charlamagne and Envy love you.'"

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