B.o.B. Says a NASA Conspiracy Video Is What Influenced Him to Become a Flat-Earther

By now, it's well known that B.o.B is a flat-earther.

B.o.B attends the BET Hip Hop Awards 2019

Image via Getty/Bennett Raglin/BET

B.o.B attends the BET Hip Hop Awards 2019

It's well known that B.o.B is a flat-earther. Now he's finally decided to explain why he subscribes to this controversial school of thought. 

As pointed out by XXL, the rapper and members of his BoBCast podcast crew posted a new video that touches on coronavirus, cloning, mind control, the Mandela effect, and the inception of the flat earth theory. During this video, B.o.B explains that he became a flat-earther after running across a video that highlights NASA conspiracy theories.

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"I come across a fucking flat Earth video called NASA's Hidden Secrets," B.o.B. said around the video's 21-minute mark. "So I clicked on the video, it's a video of Eric DuBay doing an interview and I was listening to it, like man, let me turn this shit off. I was finna turn this shit off, I swear, and then I was like, hold on let me see what he's talking about. And so I started listening to the video and I was like, 'Oh my god, let me do some research.'" 

After doing his own studies, B.o.B became convinced that the world is not a sphere like traditional science claims. In 2016, B.o.B went public with his findings.

"The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart... where is the curve ? please explain this," the rapper said in a tweet of him standing near a cliff. 

Several scientists began to refute the rapper's stance, including NASA and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Still, B.o.B was prompted to start a GoFundMe so that he could further his research.

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