ASAP Rocky Says He's Been a Sex Addict Since Middle School

ASAP Rocky says he "can't be embarrassed" about his sex addiction.

A$AP Rocky performs live during Rolling Loud music festival

Image via Getty/Steven Ferdman

A$AP Rocky performs live during Rolling Loud music festival

During an appearance on Martinez's new television show, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, ASAP Rocky revealed that he's struggled with sex addiction for nearly his entire life. 

In a preview from the upcoming episode (which you can watch over at TMZ), Rocky says that he's been a sex addict since he was in junior high school. "I was horny," he says in the clip. "I ain't even have no sperm in my testicles yet but I literally just was horny."

He tells Martinez that he's "been a sex addict for some time," and talks about the stigma of making an admission like that can carry. "These are things people stay away from, they don't like to admit. I can't be embarrassed about it."

Although this is the first time Rocky has openly described himself as a sex addict, the rapper has never shied away from talking about his sexual experiences. In Oct. of 2018, Rocky told Esquire that he had his first orgy at 13-years-old, which sparked an interest in orgies that continues into his adult life.

In fact, the conversation was started by him explaining that he was having difficulties designing a $100,000 bed because it needed to support the number of orgies he planned on having. During a recent interview with GQ, Rocky claimed that he's spending his free time on tour having "orgies [...] Foursomes, fivesomes, moresomes. All womens." 

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