50 Cent Discovers Chinese Paid Trolls 'The 50 Cent Army': 'I Just Want to be a Part of It'

The Guerilla Unit general is hungry for more.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson arrives at "The Oath" Season 2 exclusive screening

Image via Getty/Amanda Edwards

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson arrives at "The Oath" Season 2 exclusive screening

The Guerilla Unit general is hungry for more.

While browsing through Bloomberg on Wednesday, 50 Cent came across an article that mentioned China's 50 Cent Army. This led the rapper to take to Twitter where he announced that he's willing to go to China to claim what's rightfully his.

👀do I have to go to China to find my Army 😒I just want to be apart of it. LOL pic.twitter.com/yPWHPlWrR6

— 50cent (@50cent) November 13, 2019

Ironically, if 50 Cent used his social media antics for the betterment of the state then he would be a perfect fit for China's 50 Cent Army. According to the Washington Post, the 50 Cent Army/50 Cent Party is basically a collection of paid trolls that China has hired to manipulate the public opinion in favor of the government. As of 2016, there were close to 500 million fake accounts dedicated to this cause. The initiative was created in 2004 to coincide with the country's growing censorship and was revealed to the public through a massive hack of the Chinese government in 2014.

Speaking of censorship, it was discovered that 50 Cent's infamous Instagram account has been deactivated. It is unclear if this is a self-imposed exile or if Instagram stepped in to punish Fif. The latter isn't a shot in the dark as the rapper's constant trolling and commentary on controversial topics is enough to violate the social media site's new code of conduct. It's possible that the public figure will bring his account back to life, but for now, he's taking his talents to Twitter. 

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