Chris Brown Managed to Weasel His Way Out of a DUI in Amsterdam

Chris Brown was stoned and riding a dirt bike without plates through the streets of Amsterdam.

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Driving while high is definitely not a good idea, but when has Chris Brown ever let that stop him? The singer was stopped by police in Amsterdam for riding a dirt bike without plates after leaving a coffee shop where he and some buddies got high. Brown was able to worm his way out of what could have been a DUI, according to TMZ

Brown took advantage of Amsterdam's legal weed and got high at a "coffee shop" while visiting the city this week. Shortly after his smoke break, Brown hopped on a dirt bike and started riding around the streets of Amsterdam, much to the chagrin of locals.

Brown was only pulled over because of the lack of plates and was lucky enough to not get charged with someone more serious. Brown's posse reportedly tried to use Brown's famous image as leverage against the potential charges, but the police didn't know who Brown was. Still, Brown apparently was "charming" enough to weasel his way out of the DUI charge, although he did have to go to the police station and pay a fine, according to TMZ.

Even though Brown did have to cough up a little bit of money, he remained positive and even joked about it on Instagram.

Neither Browns' management team nor the Amsterdam Police Department immediately responded to Complex's requests for comments. 

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