Viral TikTok Says Justin Bieber Got Contract Offers After NHL All-Star Game, Hockey Fans Aren't Buying It

The viral TikTok about Bieber getting NHL interest has already been viewed over 5 million times, even if people aren't believing it.

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Justin Bieber was all over the 2024 NHL All-Star Game in Toronto. Not only did he design the jerseys with his Drew House imprint, he celebrity captained one of the teams and played a surprise set at History.

He also strapped on his skates and went on the ice himself. Bieber has impressed in the past with his underrated basketball skills, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Ontario native has talent for playing hockey too.

One TikToker, Pickempeteyy, went as far to call his performance at the All-Star Game "one of the most impressive stories ever." The video already has over 5.7 million views, so people are clearly interested in Bieber's hockey playing potential.

He even suggested NHL coaches present were so impressed, they held a "private tryout" for him afterwards. "Now Bieber has two offers for single year NHL contracts," he said.

As fun as it would be to see Bieber play for real, it seems highly unlikely a 29-year-old, 5'7" pop star could hang in any professional hockey league, let alone the NHL. Commenters immediately called him out for this farfetched story.

"Bieber would get destroyed by a real hockey player checking him. bieber like what 155lbs ??" One commenter said.

"There is a zero percent chance an NHL team signs Justin Bieber this year," said another.

There's also the matter of his more lucrative career.

"I’m sorry but beibers management would never let him play a physical sport like hockey he too pretty," pointed out one commenter.

There was also a lot of support, with non-hockey fans saying they'd watch if he suited up with an NHL team. Other commenters also pointed out that Bieber had never looked happier than when he was on the ice skating with the boys. Maybe it's more wishful thinking than an outright fabrication that Bieber is getting interest from NHL teams.

NHL analyst Rachel Doerrie wasn't having it, though. She's right in saying there's just no way Bieber could ever hang in the NHL, and it's crazy to even suggest it.

Twitter: @racheldoerrie

"There is a dude on TikTok with a decent following claiming Justin Bieber has two NHL contract offers because of his “All Star game performance” and people are believing him…He’s 5’7 and took part in the warmup. C’mon people!"

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