Lil Wayne and Birdman Hug It Out in Public

A video has surfaced of Lil Wayne and Birdman reuniting at Club LIV.

Lil Wayne and Birdman have a complicated relationship, to say the least.

Wayne's $51 million lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money is still on and the fate of Tha Carter V remains precarious, but every once in awhile, the two are spotted being friendly with each other in public and fans excitedly hope it means the beef has been finally squashed.

This weekend, the cycle repeated itself as video surfaced of Wayne and Birdman hanging out at Club LIV and greeting each other with a hug.

According to TMZ, the two arrived at the Miami club separately on Sunday, during a night in which Lil Wayne performed with 2 Chainz on stage. While Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares" played in the background, though, they seemed to be getting along. As some might remember, this actually isn't the first time they've publicly reunited at Club LIV. They were seen together at the nightclub back in early 2016 as well.

Of course, this video arrives only a week after Wayne dropped a song that many people thought included a Birman diss, so the hug doesn't necessarily mean everything has been completely smoothed over—especially since the lawsuit is still on.

In an Aug. 21 interview with Q93, Wayne claimed that he can drop Tha Carter V whenever he wants, though. He explained, "Of course you’re going to see Tha Carter V. Man, I just don’t want to put it out the wrong way. Honestly, man, I can do what I want honestly at any time. The fans deserve it to be right and that’s how it’s gonna be. I’ma make sure it’s right. I can drop whatever I want to drop. I keep dropping whatever I want to drop. But I’m not gonna give ’em Carter V the wrong way."

Birdman also said the long-awaited album is coming soon, telling Rap-Up last month, "Without a doubt. You will get [the album] this year. It’s gonna be well worth the wait."

So, things are still complicated. And it's likely that it'll take more than a hug to smooth everything over between these guys, but fans are hoping this means we're one step closer to finally hearing Tha Carter V.

Can we get C5 now?

— nigel (@_nigelrllona) March 12, 2018

I sense The Carter V dropping soooooon 👀

— Christian Olivera (@ovolivera_) March 12, 2018

Now can we get that fuckin Carter V damn it's been 4 damn years

— Super Charged 750 (@TheFreshmatic) March 12, 2018

AW MAYNE!!! Carter V OTW!! Its 2010 again yessssssuuuuhhhh!!

finally. I hated cutting off Birdman verses and being a fake hater

— A Freaky (abstinent) Frog (@MeauxButtuh) March 12, 2018

Tha Carter V might be dropping this year fr

— -1ØVĒ🫶🏿 (@KrownMeKing_) March 12, 2018

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