03 Greedo: 'No Thanx J Cole'

Greedo won't be staying up until midnight to hear Cole's new album when it drops this Friday.

03 Greedo is stirring the pot again.

A month after calling 2Pac a "bitch ass n***a," the Watts rapper commented on a more contemporary artist: J. Cole. Reacting to the news that Cole's new album KOD will arrive on April 20, Greedo tweeted, "No thanx J Cole."

No thanx J Cole

— #GodLevel 🐺 #LLLM (@03Greedo) April 17, 2018

Greedo's tweet was immediately met with negative comments from Cole fans, but one person suggested he should drop a project on the same day as KOD. When another fan claimed Greedo wouldn't sell more than 200 copies and was "making pennies," ​ he pulled out his TuneCore streaming receipts.

You sure??? pic.twitter.com/6uBZYWPZJr

— #GodLevel 🐺 #LLLM (@03Greedo) April 17, 2018

Greedo didn't explicitly say why he's not anticipating a new Cole project, but when it came to 2Pac, he explained that his problem was with authenticity. Doubling down on his original remarks, Greedo told Genius, "[Pac’s music is] tight, but it still sucks because it’s not authentic. It’s not coming from somewhere real. When I say, 'I’ve been shot by who I love and told on by my family,' that’s real shit […] All that shit is really what’s going on."

It's likely that we'll keep seeing wild comments on Greedo's timeline as his next project, God Level, approaches.

I think I’m @50cent I refuse to stop trolling lmao

— #GodLevel 🐺 #LLLM (@03Greedo) March 14, 2018

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