Zendaya Supports Kesha and Believes Her Situation Will Empower Women

Zendaya is the latest celebrity to be on Kesha's side.

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Kesha is going through a difficult time with her current legal battle with Dr. Luke. Still, it is heartwarming to know that tons of people are speaking up and showing their support.

Zendaya is the latest name to voice her opinion on Kesha’s situation. In an interview with Billboard, the multi-talented teenager says, "My heart goes out [to Kesha]. It is heartbreaking and I couldn't ever imagine going through something like that."

Kesha is fighting to break her contract with Sony Records after claiming Dr. Luke allegedly raped and sexually abused her for years. Dr. Luke has denied these allegations on Twitter. Furthermore, Sony issued a statement stating it cannot legally terminate her contract with Dr. Luke and that she has the freedom to work with other producers.

Although Zendaya hasn’t personally experienced what Kesha is going through right now, she believes it’s a story that deserves more attention. She also wants to be there for Kesha whenever she needs her.

"Fortunately, it's never happened to me, but I'm glad that the conversation is happening and that a light is being shown on the issue that she's having," she says. "It's beautiful to see all this love, all these people surrounding her and blanketing her with kindness, love and support. I think that's what we need to do, 'cause I don't even know how to speak on it."

She continues, "It sounds so terrible, but it's not something that I can truly speak on 'cause I can't explain that to anybody. I'm just here to be a person of support and direct attention towards it. It's all honestly about shedding light on the issue. Hopefully, she gets everything out of it that she needs to and is able to, in a sense, recover and bring so much empowerment to women at the same time—that's what she's doing."

Mark Geragos, who is Kesha’s lawyer, posted a video of Kesha performing a short song thanking everyone for their support.

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