Man Wearing a Dreamville T-Shirt Tried to Rush the Stage at Donald Trump's Ohio Rally

Thomas Dimassimo really went for it.

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Give Thomas Dimassimo some props for having the balls to go after Donald Trump.

During Trump’s Dayton, Ohio rally, Dimassimo rushed the stage in attempt to speak his mind. Reports immediately thought he was trying to attack Trump, but that wasn’t the case. Still, the Secret Service weren’t taking any changes, and immediately surrounded Trump. Other security members reprimanded Dimassimo and took him into custody.

According to Daily Mail, Dimassimo will be facing assault charges. But he’s currently tweeting, so it might mean he was released earlier today.


— stromboli simp 🤌🏻🌶️ (@maybealmost) March 13, 2016


— stromboli simp 🤌🏻🌶️ (@maybealmost) March 13, 2016

Snag the mic make my case

— stromboli simp 🤌🏻🌶️ (@maybealmost) March 13, 2016

Always with the culture

— stromboli simp 🤌🏻🌶️ (@maybealmost) March 13, 2016

Rap fans noticed that Dimassimo is rocking a Dreamville tee. It seems like the Dreamville squad are on the same page about Trump.J. Cole just performed at President Obama’s DNC fundraising event at SXSW yesterday. And in a recent interview with Complex, Bas shared his thoughts on Trump.


You can watch the videos above and below.

Following the incident, Dimassimo mentioned on Twitter that his shirt which he purchased on J. Cole's Dollar and a Dream tour was ripped, which elicited a response from the rapper's manager Ibrahim Rahad who offered to send him a whole box of Dreamville gear.

@Dailyrapfacts @Younglionking7 all good bro, we'll send you a box of Dreamville gear on us. Be safe out there.

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