Lex Luger Claims Azealia Banks Is Too Broke to Buy His Beats (UPDATE)

Banks responds.

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UPDATE: Some screenshots of a text conversation between Luger and Banks surfaced online. They go into detail on how the song was made and Banks' refusal to pay the fee Luger originally asked for, which was a $40,000 down payment. Read them below.


See original story below.

Producer Lex Luger incited some Twitter beef with Azealia Banks for a pretty random reason. According to him, it’s because she tried to undercut him for one of his beats.

Banks, who is never afraid to clap back, responded in a now deleted tweet, tweeting out a link to her live performance of “Yung Rapunxel” at Glastonbury in 2013.

@SmokedOutLuger Post azealia's number

— Houssine حسين (@Rihsus_Christ) February 13, 2016


Luger tweeted that she was “mad as fuck.” He then disses her again by saying she doesn’t have wireless Internet, which is pretty hard to believe.

And then Banks says:

In another deleted tweet, she throws a harsh jab. Maybe she went too far?

Then again, it might have been justified. Luger's clowning now.

It wasn’t that long ago when someone hacked the VA producer’s Twitter and claimed he was broke. Has he fallen on hard times? Whatever behind-the-scenes business that didn’t go down right, Banks and Luger don’t like each other at the moment.

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