Kevin Gates Opens Up About Having Sex With His Cousin: ‘We Still Good Friends to This Day’

Kevin Gates and Yung Miami talk sex, getting real detailed about being a "sex God," favorite positions, and relationships. He is on a promo run for 'Khaza.'

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Kevin Gates is currently on a promotional run for his new album Khaza, and stopped by Yung Miami’s Caresha Please for the second episode of her show.

During the hour and a half conversation that aired on REVOLT, Gates and Yung Miami were candid about everything from mental health and sexual energy to his Muslim faith and his thoughts on monogamy. Gates remained open in his responses, whether he was talking about almost committing suicide or claiming to have started a car battery with his bare hands. No rapper is as comfortable as he is about his sexuality, revealing some detailed (and sometimes graphic) descriptions about his sex life that either made Yung Miami laugh or left her speechless.

At around the 33:30 mark, Yung Miami asked Gates about sleeping with his cousin, which he admitted he did. He once addressed it on Instagram, saying he didn’t care and didn’t want to mess up a “good thing.” He ended up continuing the relationship for two years before breaking up.

“Duh! The fuck?” Gates said when Yung Miami asked him about having sex with his cousin. “I just got a question for you. If me and you meet, I put it on you. The right way. You dickmatized. I introduce you to my grandma and then she’s like, ‘Baby who you people is?’ She pull me to the side and say, ‘Baby, that’s your cousin!’ I ain’t about to stop! The damage has been done. I didn’t know you my whole life. I just found this out. We’ve already been thuggin’. And we still good friends to this day.”

At the 38:32 mark, Yung Miami also asked him about the rumors that he and his wife Dreka Gates broke up.

“That’s my best friend so no matter what, she’s gonna be my best friend,” he said. “I love this woman with everything in me.” They continued to break down the lyrics to his freestyle to “Super General,” which may be addressing Dreka.

Later in the convo, they jokingly accuse each other of being toxic (“I’m doing the best I can to become better and the world is witnessing it” says Gates) and Yung Miami shares her thoughts on why Gates is a “sex God.” Watch the full episode on REVOLT up top.

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