Kevin Gates Drops New Song "Double Dutch" (In Amsterdam Witt It)

Kevin Gates builds more anticipation for his upcoming album 'I'm Him.'

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Kevin Gates continues to build buzz for his upcoming album I’m Him.

On Saturday, Gates dropped “Double Dutch” (In Amsterdam Witt It) produced by Pi'erre Bourne. Over a bass-heavy beat, Gates locks in and boasts about having the dope and swag, as well as his preferred women of choice. “Amsterdam, by the water bitch/I’m in the dam with it/Used to do Cameros on the slab with the wham in it/Now I’m seeing things, living foreign/sippin’ teas I’m importin’,” he raps.

The song follows his latest single “Push It,” which served as a teaser for I’m Him. While speaking with Everyday Struggle, Gates says being in “album mode” scares him because he has to live up to the success of his 2016 Islah. But I’m Him will be his most personal project yet, revealing that there will be one song about his relationship with his daughter.

“My daughter be with me, and I talk to her like she's one of my little partners,” he said. “…Why he sagging his pants? Ain't nothing weighing him down. I tell my daughter the truth. Your pants sagging you got a graveyard under your belt weighing you down.”

The concept of I’m Him has been teased by Gates as early as 2017. When he released “What If,” he coupled it with a handwritten letter on Instagram, breaking his silence since his October 2016 incarceration. Gates made a promise to his fans that he remains the same person despite his absence.

In The Name of the
Most Gracious
Most Merciful

Listen to “Double Dutch” above.

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