Iggy Azalea Name-Drops Future (Sort Of) and DJ Esco on "7Teen"

Sounds like she's got one.

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Iggy Azalea seems to be on Twitter again after vowing to quit all her social media accounts earlier this year. We’re glad to see her back though because she’s been sharing stuff like this. Late last night, Iggy tweeted a video of her studio session with two gentlemen going buck wild and dabbing to a new track by her. It definitely has an Atlanta trap feel, with her rapping lines like, “Meet me in the Future, OK, let’s go / Make them dance around – DJ Esco.” According to her, the track is called “7Teen” and could possibly appear on her next album Digital Distortion. Do you think Iggy brought #bars? Check out the preview below.

Late last night... watching these geeks dance around to demos like it was 2011 again, and laughing about it all. pic.twitter.com/k8osbCduGU
Meet me in the future. Okay, lets go...

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