Bobby Shmurda Was Reportedly Involved in a Gang-Related Jail Fight

Shmurda may be in trouble again.

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Bobby Shmurda was reportedly involved in a fight that involved rival gangs last month while in jail. TMZ reports that Shmurda and five other inmates were up against Blood members, throwing as many punches to each other as possible. Four of the inmates (including Shmurda) were Crips, while the other two were Bloods. Guards came to break it up the brawl using pepper spray to calm things down.

Although the fight happened on April 15 in the Otis Bantum Correctional Center, it seems the incident didn’t affect the outcome of his trial date. He’s still set to appear with Rowdy Rebel on June 25. They are both facing multiple charges that include conspiracy, murder, drugs, weapons, and more.

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