Stream Black Party's New Project 'Mango'

The Arkansas rapper-singer releases 'Mango,' featuring a guest appearance by Kari Faux.

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Childish Gambino rarely tweets these days, but if you follow him on Twitter you noticed that he shared a link introducing Black Party’s “Best View” video over the weekend. It got us asking: who is Black Party?

Gambino is elusive when it comes to his co-signs. However, Black Party is a name you should start getting familiar with. GQ actually broke down Gambino’s Royalty collective—which includes Black Party—who are his creative team behind some of his albums and projects, including Atlanta. Gambino is on the roster of management company Wolf & Rothstein (Chad Taylor and Fam Udeorji) along with other musicians and creatives like Kari Faux, Ibra Ake, Steve Glover, and Swank.

Black Party, whose real name is Malik Flint, is from Little Rock, Arkansas and just moved to L.A. (His name is actually stylized as bLAck pARty to pay homage to his home and his current residence.) In an email to Complex, Fam describes Black Party as someone who has been "a fixture in the Little Rock scene for years" and has cultivated "a sound that regionally can’t be identified or categorized."


For one of the first videos from the project, we get a firm idea of Black Party’s eclectic direction. In “Best View,” directed by Noah Kalina and produced by Ake, we follow Black Party through long stretches of trees to a cabin. It’s home to a taxidermist who he’s particularly fond of. “Because I’ve got the best view in the city, even the sunset can’t compare/Because I’ve got the best view in the city, so forgive me if I stare,” he sings on the chorus—and it’s hard not to get in your feelings over it.

You can also stream Mango, which includes a feature from Kari Faux on "Show Me," below via Soundcloud.

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