YG and Mike Will Made-It Team Up With Adidas to Create New Collab Inspired by Von Miller's Heartbeat

YG and Mike Will Made-It made a new track inspired by Von Miller’s heartbeat.

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Adidas Athletics recently rolled out the Z.N.E. Pulse collection, and when it was described as being inspired by athlete's heartbeats, they weren't lying. 

As evidence, YG and Mike Will Made-It hooked up with adidas to create a new song inspired by Von Miller's own heartbeat in anticipation for the Broncos/Chargers game on Monday, Sept. 11. You can check out a preview of "Heart of a Lion" above, which also features Miller wearing the Athletics Pulse Hoodie and training for the big Monday Night Football matchup.

“I’ve always been a fan of adidas and how they create, and they’ve been a fan of my work, so we came together with Von Miller to create something,” Mike Will Made-It said of this latest collab. “It’s really all about Von Miller working out - they recorded his heartbeat and asked if we could do something with that… so I took the approach of finding a tempo from his BPM and built from there. Finding something new and fresh and different, like I always do when I go in the studio and work.”

You can purchase items from the Z.N.E. Pulse collection here and stream "Heart of a Lion" in full below.

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