Video Shows Fan Attempting to Climb on Kanye West's Floating Stage

A Kanye West concert attendee attempted to climb onto the rapper's floating stage.

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Kanye West's floating stage has become a hallmark of his Saint Pablo Tour, and Monday night one concert attendee attempted to join the Chicago rapper on the elevated platform while he was performing.

Video from Kanye's show in Atlanta at Philips Arena captures the fan dangling from the stage during Kanye's performance of "Power." 'Ye immediately moves to that side of the stage and waves the fan off, who then drops down to the center pit. It's unclear how the fan was able to even reach the stage, but it probably wasn't a smart idea to do so because he could have gotten injured—or worse—kicked out of the concert. Why would you risk missing out on one of the biggest concerts of the year?

Here's the moment from a different angle:

A dude really tried climbing on stage with Kanye @TeamKanyeDaily
Bruh. Folks really tryna jump on stage with Kanye. The stage is FLOATING dawg.
People still trying to hop on stage even when Kanye got it floating

Stage climber aside, it looks like Kanye's Saint Pablo show turned out well in the ATL. He also took a few minutes to give a speech. "I die on the internet everyday for y'all. I die for your dreams," he said. "I look stupid so y'all don't have to be afraid. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. That's how they control you."

Kanye then told a short story about an awkward encounter over 'good ideas' and ended it with, "I don't like good ideas. I like the most fucked up crazy insane ideas possible."

Kanye's speech to the crowd in Atlanta tonight. Via @camj360 #SaintPabloTour

He'll continue his trek across the country Wednesday in Tampa, Fla. Let's just hope his concert attendees play it smart for the rest of the tour. You can also catch Kanye West at our inaugural ComplexCon event in November.

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