Premiere: Vashtie Pays Homage to Aaliyah, Sade, and More With #ONE16GOAT Mix

Vashtie celebrates the birthdays of Aaliyah, Sade, FKA Twigs, and Kate Moss with her new mix #ONE16GOAT.




Vashtie wears many hats—director, designer, DJ—and today she's highlighting her skills behind the behind the ones and twos with her new mix #ONE16GOAT. It celebrates Aaliyah, Sade, FKA Twigs, and Kate Moss, who all share a Jan. 16 birthday, and the artist affectionately known as “downtown’s sweetheart” says she felt compelled to pay homage to these women who have affected her life in a positive light.

"These women have inspired and influenced generations, cultures, sub-cultures, fashion, style, etc. Personally, I find them all to be personal muses," Vashtie said. "Not only are they gorgeous creatures, but beyond that—they are wildly creative, unique, and one-of-a-kind. When I learned that they all share the same birthday, I was amazed and knew I had to encapsulate this holiday! It's a short, but sweet mix made by your favorite Taurus... me!"

#ONE16GOAT | 1.16.17 | 11am EST

Stream Vashtie’s new mix below and check out more of her mixes on SoundCloud. You can also keep up with her latest moves on Twitter and Instagram.

Introduction | "Happy Birthday" performed by Mr. Rogers
"At Your Best" - Aaliyah
"The Moon and the Stars" - Sade
"We Need a Resolution" - Aaliyah
"Cherish the Day" - Sade
"Hot Like Fire" - Aaliyah
"By Your Side" (Neptunes Remix) - Sade
"Age Ain't Nothing But a Number" - Aaliyah
"No Ordinary Love" - Sade
"If Your Girl Only Knew" - Aaliyah
"Sweetest Taboo" - Sade
"Back & Forth" - Aaliyah
"Rock the Boat" - Aaliyah
"Like Paradise" - Sade
"Hang on to Your Love" - Sade
"Couldn't Love You More" - Sade Remix by Matrixxman & Vin Sol
MTV Diary: Aaliyah Interview
"2 Weeks 4 Page Letter" - Aaliyah x FKA Twigs remix by Raheem D.
"Smooth Operator" - Sade

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