Take the Ultimate T.I. Rap Fan Test

Test your knowledge on the king of South.

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The Rap Test has become a go-to spot for fans to measure their music knowledge of today's biggest artists, as the interactive website has provided rap tests for Drake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. With the release of T.I.'s new album, Paperwork, the site has now shared a test tailored to the king of the South, featuring 31 levels and hundreds of songs from his catalog. 

For those who haven't visited the site, this is how the game works: A song snippet will play, and the user has to choose the correct song before time runs out. The quicker the correct song is selected, the more points you get. The Rap Test is currently doing a special giveaway, where the person with the most points on the T.I. test will receive a signed copy of his new album. Visit here for more information.

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