A Look at Lupe Fiasco's Recent Twitter Beefs

The Chicago rapper has been getting into feuds often these days.

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Lupe Fiasco has not been the type of rapper to hold his tongue on Twitter. We found that out twice over the weekend after Lupe got into it with Azealia Banks and Kid Cudi following Kendrick Lamar's comments on Ferguson. But there have been other rappers in the crosshairs of the Chicago native, who has also duked it out with the likes of Chief Keef, Childish Gambino, and Freddie Gibbs online.

While Lupe recently announced he would be quitting Twitter altogether following the release of his fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth, we're not so sure he'll keep his word considering this is the second time he's made such a claim. If he does, it would be a shame, because he's certainly been a beacon of knowledge and inspiration on the Twittersphere, as well as entertaining in the shade department. Here's A Look at Lupe Fiasco's Recent Twitter Beefs.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Chief Keef

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Date: September 2012

What Happened: Lupe stopped by Baltimore’s 92 Q Jams radio station to discuss the rampant violence taking place in his hometown. During the interview, he singled out fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef as a public figure perpetuating said violence.

“Chief Keef scares me,” he said. “Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents…. The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other, and the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing, and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it — they all look like Chief Keef.”

Chief Keef fired back at Lupe on Twitter, calling him a "hoe ass nigga" and threatening to physically harm him; clearly the irony was lost on Keef given his response. Lupe replied with a series of tweets explaining his stance on advocating positivity over violence.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Childish Gambino

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Date: July 2013

What Happened: A playful response to a fan turned into a lowkey spat between Lupe and Childish Gambino, after the Chicago rapper claimed Childish wasn't real enough to collaborate with. "You guys should do something," the fan tweeted, to which Lupe replied, "Nah I don't work with blacks." When prompted about previous work with Wale and Rick Ross, Lupe added, "Those were niggaz."

Childish then offered up a tweet verbatim to Chief Keef's not more than a year earlier:

A few months later, Childish appeared on The Breakfast Club, and talked about how he felt sneak dissed by Lupe's comments about not being a "real nigga." Lupe sent a few more tweets his way, refusing the sneak diss label and celebrating his personal W for watching more anime than Childish. OK.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Dizaster

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Date: October 2013

What Happened: Lupe poked fun at Los Angeles battle rapper Dizaster, who had recently battled against Aye Verb in a King of the Dot event. After watching the match, Lupe ruled in favor of Aye Verb, declared Dizaster wack, and also called him a Drake look-alike. Dizaster responded, stating an "industry rapper" like Lupe wouldn't survive in a battle rap match, as well as called him a "black Miley Cyrus." Whatever that means.

The two would reignite their beef in June 2014 following Lupe's remarks about Logic, Los, and Cassidy being better lyrical rappers than Kendrick Lamar. Dizaster sided with Kendrick, called Lupe a pejorative term, and things escalated from there.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Kid Cudi

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Date: August 2014

What Happened: Lupe announced on Twitter that he would be selling personalized verses to fans at $500 a pop. His odd new side hustle for cash quickly received criticism from Kid Cudi, who questioned the validity of what Lupe was partaking in. "To my fans; I dont know about this Lupe $500 verse shit," Cudi said, calling the plan "sketch" and asking his followers to pass on the deal.

Lupe replied with his own critique of Cudi's new pair of high-end shoes. "How much did your G[iu]seppe Zanottis cost to make at the factory but they retailing at what again." For what it's worth, Lupe and Cudi have a history of friendship, with Cudi singling out the Chicago rapper as someone who looked out for him during his bout with drug abuse. This incident can be chalked up to two friends not seeing eye to eye, though this wouldn't be their last confrontation.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Freddie Gibbs

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Date: December 2014

What Happened: Lupe tweeted out a handful of photos of him wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit, along with a link to his three-video medley from 2013 titled "#1234," which featured him wearing the controversial attire. But because this is the Internet, very few people clicked the link and instead took the photos out of context, including Freddie Gibbs, who put the rapper on blast for having a distasteful promotional strategy. "Dear Lupe Fiasco, I always personally thought u were a bitch ass nigga. This solidifies it."

Lupe responded by clarifying his motives behind the photos, and effectively put Gibbs in his place, who would eventually apologize for the initial diss.

Lupe Fiasco vs. GrandeMarshall

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Date: January 2015

What Happened: In anticipation for his impending fifth studio album, Tetsuo & Youth, Lupe shared "Adoration of the Magi." One fan online was quick to point out the beat from the record matched that of "Ellie Fox," a song by Philadelphia rapper GrandeMarshall, which was released in 2012. GrandeMarshall confirmed it was the same beat from DJ Dahi, and that seemed like the end of it, until he decided to poke fun at Lupe's faith by saying, "Worry about niggas claiming Muslim faith and eating fried bologna," along with sharing a photo of fried bologna.

Lupe didn't take his words lightly, requesting GrandeMarshall give him a call so they could hash it out offline. GrandeMarshall declined, and the two rappers went their separate ways, but not before Lupe made a new proclamation for producers he plans to work with in the future. "No disrespect to my nigga DJ Dahi I love him like a brother. BUT you gotta make all my beats from SCRATCH in front of me now on." Fair enough.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Azealia Banks

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Date: January 2015

What Happened: Comments from Kendrick Lamar regarding Ferguson caused dissension in the hip-hop world, with artists like Azealia Banks criticizing the Compton rapper. Lupe aired on the side of Kendrick, as well as threw a subtle jab at Banks for misinterpreting his words.

Azealia's history of beef on Twitter has been a recurring theme throughout the last few years, so of course she replied to Lupe. However, instead of approaching the argument with sentiment felt by peers and fans alike, similar to Iggy Azalea a month before, she resorted to snide remarks and pettiness. Let's just say this bout didn't end so well for Banks.

Lupe Fiasco vs. Kid Cudi Pt. 2

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Date: January 2015

What Happened: Kendrick Lamar's Ferguson remarks also pulled Kid Cudi into the fray, who criticized him for talking down to black communities. Lupe responded by rehashing their previous argument over verses and shoes, calling Cudi fake in the process. 

"Sorry if I offended anyone, except Poopé Fiasco. Fuck that niggaz feelings haha dweeb," Cudi replied before blocking Lupe on Twitter. We're hoping this gets patched up considering their history. But with Lupe, it seems like anyone can get the middle finger these days.

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