Lupe Fiasco sat down for an interview with "The Hot 97 Morning Show" today and had a few interesting things to say about Kendrick Lamar. After speaking with hosts Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Styles about his new single "Mission," he gets into a heated debate with Rosenberg about Kendrick Lamar.

As one of the many rappers who went at Kendrick after the "Control" verse last year, Lupe accused Rosenberg of being overly partial to Kendrick while going on to say that King Los, Cassidy and Logic are lyrically better than the West Coast rapper.

He also spoke on the shift of the musical landscape after the single "Damn" by southern group Youngbloodz dropped, which paved the way for artists like Young Thug (of whom he is a fan of). Lupe's new album Tetsuo & Youth is set to drop later this year.

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