Quiz: Did Jaden Smith Tweet This or Nah?

Test how well you know the free-spirited teenage rapper/actor.

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Here's Jaden Smith's life at a glance: actor, rapper, fashion influencerphilosopher. Keep in mind, the son of the Fresh Prince is only 16 years old. Still, there's one thing we've learned over the last few years: Jaden was born to tweet. 

His timeline is filled with nuggets of truth, intimate thoughts people can relate to, and unconventional wisdom you couldn't find in a fortune cookie. One tweet from Jaden might make you question his sanity—or yours for that matter—while another will bring clarity to your life. Jaden is just operating on another wavelength.

In an effort to weed out the fake ass Jaden Smith fans, we've put together a quiz that asks the simple question: Did Jaden Smith Tweet This or Nah? Take the quiz below, and share your score in the comment section.




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