Here Are the Contributors on Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Album

Here's a look at all the artists who contributed to Frank Ocean's new album 'Blonde.'

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Frank Ocean followed up the Thursday release of his visual project Endless with Blonde, the album formally known as Boys Don't Cry and the one that fans have been waiting for since the 28-year-old artist released his debut album channel ORANGE in 2012.

Writer (and Complex contributor) Steven Horowitz was one of the first people at the pop-up shop in NYC to snag one of Frank's coveted magazines. The magazine included a physical copy of Blonde, which is slightly different than the iTunes version. He shared a handful of tweets while at the pop-up and also posted up the album contributors list for the physical copy, which you can see below.

Album contributors

Among some of the more notable names are Kanye West, Beyoncé,  Pharrell, André 3000, Kendrick Lamar, Mike Dean, and Tyler, the Creator. Endless contributors Jazmine Sullivan, Arca, James Blake, ​Michael Uzowuru, and Om’Mas Keith also worked on Blonde.

Kendrick lends a vocal assist on "Skyline To," 3 Stacks steals the spotlight on the appropriately titled "Solo (Reprise)," and Beyoncé comes through for a special moment on "Pink + White."

Legendary acts like Rick Rubin, the Beatles, Brian Eno, and the late David Bowie are also credited on Blonde. It's clear Frank Ocean reached far and wide to create this album, and the sound of Blonde displays this in spades.

Prior to the full release of Blonde, Frank Ocean shared the video for album-opener "Nikes." You can check out the album here.

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