Drake Is Sharing Some Serious Hints That 'Views From the 6' Is Almost Finished

He's in the home stretch.

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We're officially one month away from the release of Drake's much-anticipated album, Views From the 6, and it's been clear since the beginning of 2016 that the Toronto native is fully focused on delivering a product that will satisfy his fans and keep his name at the top of the rap leaderboard.

Though it goes without saying, Drake will have to turn in the album to his label a little bit before the actual release date, which means he's pretty much in the final stages of wrapping up Views From the 6. Or, as he's been describing it on Instagram, the 'Home Stretch.' Check out his latest updates below.

The first Instagram in the 'Home Stretch' series features Drake performing while his day one Chubbs holds court in the background. This performance took place over the weekend at the Libertine in London. Drake was in town for the Brit Awards, where he linked up with Rihanna to perform "Work," and also made a surprise appearance at the Section Boyz's show.

This Instagram originally appeared on Noah "40" Shebib's IG earlier this week and shows Drake's longtime friend and collaborator stocking up on much-needed supplies for the studio. 40's really just fooling around, we think...

"And my dog Chubby Chubb/That's my nigga from the way." #AnotherOne of Drake and Chubbs, this time spotted at Nobu in London. Crew love in full effect.

And now, Drake's most recent 'Home Stretch' Instagram. The photo was taken by Theo Skudra and features six LaCie 2big Thunderbolt 2 external hard drives sitting on top of a cart. We can only assume the rapper is backing up his files for Views From the 6 should some unforeseen issue arise between now and April. You can never be too careful when the biggest album of your career is on the line.

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